Monday, November 19, 2012

The Goon vs. The Crow

Episode 16, wherein Lonely Street runs red with blood and white with pancake makeup.

It's a battle between two of the biggest indie comic darlings in the history of the medium. In one corner, we have the Goon, the zombie-slaying crimeboss with the fists of concrete and the heart of something resembling gold. In the other corner, we have the original Twilight, the sexiest undead character ever conceived, the Crow. It's a fight of the nigh-invincible undead against a man who specializes in killing the unkillable.

Peat Ski takes the side of the Goon and vows to show a lot of grit, moxie and knives-to-the-eye. Pyg reps the Crow and plans to prove that the 90s never ended (despite each successive Crow movie being exponentially worse than the original.) Only one thing is certain in this match-up, and that's the fact that nothing is certain (© Gorilla Monsoon.)


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