What is the Vs. Podcast?

The Vs. Podcast is the show of verbal pugilism. The most congenital show on the internet. The show that has the sissy nerd slap fight so you don't have to. The show that comes up with a new tagline every episode like a monkey pulling a Jackson Pollock.

In all seriousness, the Vs. Podcast was conceived by former coworkers Peat Ski and J. Pygmaelion ("Pyg") Pigula. The two spent years managing the same comic book/gaming store and as such, spent way too much time in various fantasy worlds. The fact that their store sold everything from Warhammer to DVDs to Super Nintendo games meant that the two had to be savvy in a lot of different cultures in order to make it through the day. After all, the minute you couldn't answer some 12 year old's obscure question about mid-nineties DC chronology, you lost face in the eyes of all your customers and it was time for seppuku.

With those days long in the rear-view mirror, Peat and Pyg sought a way to relive their nerdiest days before they became pop culture dinosaurs. And because nowadays things don't exist unless they happen on the internet (which is odd, since the internet is nothing but ones and zeros that are assigned an arbitrary meaning and have no physical weight), they created the Vs. Podcast, a way to add their two cents (4 cents combined) to pop culture.

On the first Monday of every month, the two will have an age old debate about who would win a fight between two fictional creations. Some of these fights will be obvious and well-worn chestnuts, like The Matrix vs. Skynet or Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds. Some of the fights will be more obscure or have a more tenuous connection, like Thor vs. Cthulhu or Marty McFly vs John Connor. But always, the two will attempt to have a well-reasoned, researched, thought out debate and when that breaks down, Peat will resort to childish name calling. But on the whole, the two will attempt to be entertaining and definitive at the same time.