Who are these guys?

Who are Peat Ski and Pyg? Perhaps the following primer, a tale-of-the-tape of our two hosts, will shed some light on what makes them qualified to hand down decisions from on high about your favorite characters.

Peat Ski Vs. Pyg
The Terrier; the Suit Nickname Ol' Whiskey Face
Gets ahold of one fact and refuses to let go Fighting Style Lulls you into sleep with his endless recapping
Learned how to read with Captain Carrot comic books Secret Origin The unholy spawn of a carnival barker and a bearded woman
Managed a comic store for several years, officiated numerous "Who would win" arguments Credentials Has an encyclopedic knowledge of RPG rules and the uncanny ability to turn an abstract skill into a numeric value
Thinks Fleetwood Mac is better than the Beatles because of Stevie Nicks Secret Shame Can believe it's not butter and can prove it if he has to