Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hooo boy

Remember when we made that post about the new episode schedule? Good times.

But seriously, we had a rough couple of months and have been unable to record anything. But we plan to fix that very shortly. If you happened to get here via one of our NYCC promos, then bless your heart for being courageous enough to open the box. Stick around and listen to our back episodes while we get our act together.

Peat Ski

Monday, July 8, 2013

Scheduling Note

As you may have noticed, we completely blew our "First Monday of the month" schedule with the last episode. While there were extenuating circumstances (including one host having a death plague that lasted for weeks and required a lot of deft microphone work to silence), we realized that there are ALWAYS extenuating circumstances and that we're just not very good at keeping to a schedule. Neither host likes being told what to do, including when to release a podcast episode and that makes it hard to get things done in a timely manner. It's a wonder that we get up in the morning to go to work, let alone do the stuff we don't get paid to do.

This is a long-winded way of saying that, at least for awhile, instead of coming out with a new episode on the first Monday, we'll come out with a new episode once a month. The episode will still be released on A Monday, just not always the first Monday. This might change back in the future and if it does, you'll be the first to know. Not you. You. In the back, with the wandering eye.

We urge you to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter where you'll find updates on episode progress. Like right now we're researching with an eye to record on one of the last two weekends of the month. Or you could just subscribe to the podcast through iTunes (or your preferred method) and get hot, fresh new episodes downloaded when they release. Or old, stale, musty ones if you only check your subscription every few months.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Iron Man vs. Aquaman

Episode 21, where our hosts learn not to drop an iPad in the ocean.

Tony Stark. The (Iron)man, the legend, the box office giant. This idiosyncratic technocrat has wisecracked his way into our hearts and wallets. The latest Iron Man movie has officially made 100 gajillion dollars worldwide. Remember, that's an official number. So who can possibly stand up to this paragon of super-heroism?

There is one man. Well, not so much a man as a man who lives at the bottom of the sea. The king of Atlantis, the least appreciated superhero of all time. The mighty Aquaman. He'll never get a movie. But his comic book series in DC's New 52 has been a showstopper, as far as the Vs. hosts are concerned. Between his lack of financial success and his inherent power set, he makes the perfect foil for Iron Man.

Peat Ski has been particularly wowed by the new adventures of Aquaman and he happily represents the Atlantean monarch. Peat thinks this fight is man vs. machine, and if machine wins, we might as well all just give up and become energy cells for the machines. Pyg takes Iron Man as a champion and he figures that any man who can chuck an atomic bomb at an alien invasion can handle a hero who can defeated by those plastic things that hold six packs together.

Will Iron Man be all washed up? Or will he fry Aquaman like a fish out of water? Will we run out of these bad water cliches? Spoiler alert: Yes.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Animated Joker and Harley Quinn vs. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend

Episode 20, where Peat explains the joke to Pyg and gets chucked out the window.

Batman: the Animated Series is the gold standard of cartoons, so much better than the Jetsons. Well, except that episode where Rosie murdered Elroy's parents and Elroy became the Dark Sprite. Oh wait, that's just our slash fic. Jetsons still suck. Anyway, Batman: TAS gave the world Mark Hamill as the Joker and introduced Harley Quinn to the world. These two are the icons of villainy, deadly and crazy in equal amounts, and have taken the Batman to the brink many times. In terms of sheer importance, not much tops that.

But importance doesn't mean much in a fight, and time has given the world another iconic villain couple: The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend from Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. The Monarch might not match up against the Joker in terms of insanity, but he makes up for it in terms of firepower and skill. When paired up with the beautiful and dangerous Dr. Girlfriend, the two make a formidable pair. Monarch has killed a number of super scientists, but that's not the same as killing the Clown Prince of Crime.

Peat Ski, atoning for taking sides against the Venture Bros. in a previous episode, represents the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend. He thinks that time has not been kind to animated Joker and Harley and that modernity and maturity are on his side. Pyg goes classic and defends the Joker and Harley Quinn, holding the position that a team that has ruined the Batman's life is on a different plane than the archenemy of a failed legacy scientist.

It's a deadly double date of death between the two premiere super villain power couples. Who will walk away with the blood covered prom king sash?

Monday, April 1, 2013

No April episode (sad face)

Hello faithful Vs. Fans, Peat Ski here. So, one half of the Vs. Podcast studio just moved to fancy new digs. Which is good, because it means one of our hosts has his own dedicated space and is no longer sharing a room with a hamper full of dirty socks. The other host is still hanging out with the socks, but that's by his own choice. Anyway, that's the good news. The bad news is, because moving the studio was just the happy by-product of a larger overall apartment change, we were unable to record a new episode for April. Our apologies! A thousand times our apologies. One million years dungeon.

There will be a brand new episode on May 6th, as we do our first villain-against-villain episode. In June we begin our summer movie season by having Iron Man square off with a mystery opponent. And following that, we'll do our first fan request episode. Speaking of which, we take fan requests! Leave your fight ideas in the comments section or email them to

In the meantime, might I recommend giving Episode 17 a listen? I feel like it didn't get the love it deserved, since I decided to name the episode like I was naming a bad 90's pop-punk band instead of calling it "Robocop vs. Zombies." It's easily one of my favorite episodes, if for no other reason than revealing my fetish for green-skinned women. And since it's really three episodes in one, it's as if you're not missing anything this month at all!

As always, thanks for listening and keep your knuckles wrapped.

Peat Ski

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pokemon vs. Yu-gi-Oh

Episode 19: One host battles while the other one duels ... IN BED.

Hopefully you're still with us after that off-color fortune cookie joke in the headline. But how appropriate the juvenile humor is, as Peat Ski and Pyg discuss children's cartoons that they grew up with. Well, that Peat Ski grew up with. Pyg grew up with the talkies.

Pokemon. International juggernaut of pop culture. Those adorable little pocket monsters have delighted children and flummoxed parents for over a decade. With the constant repetition of their names in lieu of language and cutesy color schemes, one can be forgiven for assuming Pokemon are harmless. But they are not. In fact, they are super-powered animals essentially engaging in cockfighting. A Pokemon trainer takes his life in his hands with one. Hell, anyone living in the Pokemon world is at risk, as there are no other animals. Instead of getting milk from a cow, you get milk from a gigantic beast that breathes fire. Take THAT, USDA.

The only place possibly more dangerous than the Pokemon world? The world of Yu-Gi-Oh. The Shadow Games, magic used by ancient Egyptians to contain powerful monsters and destructive forces, has been harnessed into a card game, played with collectible cards. The first step was creating holographic representations of the monsters on the cards. The second step was using the cards to manifest creatures capable of causing bodily harm or death. Adding in the Millennium Items, artifacts that give their bearers incredible powers. Finally, give some cards and Millennium items to adolescents, with their raging hormones and poorly developed frontal lobes, and you have the recipe for world destruction.

Peat Ski reps Pokemon, giving him hundreds of destructive monsters of all shapes, sizes and personalities. He feels that the animal nature of these creatures will carry him through the fight. On the flip side, Pyg represents Yu-Gi-Oh, and he feels that the pure destructive capability of the Shadow Games as wielded by teenagers and stunted captains of industry will destroy any pesky Pokemon pets.

No matter who wins, we all already lost, as collectible card games and their associated multimedia properties have consumed the world. Good luck getting your kids to play Parcheesi. No one cares that it's the royal game of India.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Thundercats

UPDATE (10:55 AM, February 4th): Whoops, the player below was set to play Riggs vs. McClane. Cut and paste is a powerful toy, kids, and you should use it responsibly. Should be all good now, and if you download our episodes through iTunes or another feed, you shouldn't have had a problem.

Episode 18, wherein one host is radical and the other is ever living.

Ah, the 80's. Simpler times. When austerity had the much more pleasant name, Reaganomics. When tight fitting clothes were made of spandex and not denim. When musclebound cartoon characters based on action figures ruled the television set.

In this episode, Peat Ski and Pyg look at two of the most famous franchises featuring anthropomorphic animals with vaguely defined martial arts skills. Peat Ski represents the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and really wishes he hadn't, since he's the one that had to type it 800 times in his notes. Pyg represents the Thundercats, and wishes he hadn't since that means cheering for something called "Snarf."

In the end, only one can remain standing. Will the Sword of Omens give Lion-O sight-beyond-insight on how to come out victorious? Or will the Turtles eat pizza while sitting on some Thundercat-skin rugs?