Monday, September 10, 2012

John McClane vs. Martin Riggs

Episode 15, wherein Pyg is one week away from retirement so Peat blows up his boat.

In perhaps the most evenly matched fight in the short history of the podcast, we have two of the greatest action movie characters in the history of cinema. John McClane from the Die Hard series: the man walks over broken glass with bare feet to kill terrorists. Martin Riggs from the Lethal Weapon films: the original cop on the edge, a mutt of a man who can be found by following the trail of destruction he leaves in his wake.

Peat Ski had never seen a Lethal Weapon until this episode, and developed a fondness for Riggs. He has to prove that Riggs can stand on his own and win a fight without his partner Murtaugh or any of the other members of the ensemble. Pyg had his fingers crossed that he'd get to represent McClane and he got his wish. McClane goes from cop over his head to hardened road warrior over the course of four films. But he's never had an opponent like Riggs.

In this episode, bullets will fly, saxophone music will play, catchphrases will be spouted and one manly action movie star will walk away to star in a fifth film.


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