Sunday, February 5, 2012

Episode 7, or, Blame the Machines


As a point of clarity, we finally got the episode edited and will be releasing it as a single episode. Whenever possible, we prefer to not split the episodes in half. Maybe it's a personal preference, but we think it's better to have one long episode that you can pause rather than two short episodes that abruptly break somewhere in the middle.

But we will still release a bonus episode made up of some bits that were cut out of this episode. Yes, originally this episode was longer than 70 minutes. And the next new episode will be on March 5th.

Thanks again for your patience.


We're still having some technical difficulties with this month's episode. Clearly, Peat must have done something to piss off the agents, so they have completely fubared his computer. All of the files have been sent to the Zion that is Pyg's computer for safekeeping. We fully intend to post an episode in the coming days, but we can no longer guarantee a time.

Thanks for your patience, all. If you haven't listened to our entire backlog, now might be a good time to get caught up.


Hi everybody,

Peat ran into some trouble editing this month's episode. Considering it's Skynet vs. The Matrix, it makes a little too much sense that a computer would start causing trouble at this particular time. But we'll say no more, lest our new robot overlords put us in a cell without a view.

Because of these technical difficulties and the overall length of the episode, we split it into two parts. Part 1 will be up late tomorrow. It still needs to be proof-edited (is that a word?) for quality before it's released. We plan to release Part 2 on Monday the 13th, Helena Bonham Carter willing and the creek don't rise. And then on the 20th, we'll release a bonus episode made up of the stuff that had to be cut for time reasons. So, to make up for being a little late, you get three episodes. Quantity is better than quality, right? It is if you're a machine.


  1. Let this be a lesson to us all about the fickleness of these machines! Or they are displeased with your arguments- all hail the machines!!

    the security code asks me to prove I'm not a robot......does not fem-pute!!!