Monday, May 7, 2012

Wonder Woman vs. Xena

Episode 10, wherein the hosts finally stop using the Julian calendar and figure out what episode number they're on.

Happy Mother's Day! Here at the Vs. Podcast, we love our moms. We also love your moms, but that's another story. What? No sophomoric humor on Mother's Day? That wasn't even sophomoric, it was juvenile if anything. Anyway, in honor of moms everywhere, we're upping the estrogen and doing an episode with two of the best known female characters in pop culture.

Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess of the DC Universe. The female hero that begat all others. The ultimate mother figure. This battleship class superhero can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman and Shazam. Who can stand against her?

Xena Warrior Princess, that's who. Righter of wrongs. Killer of gods. Portrayed by Lucy Lawless, Xena spent the better part of six seasons cracking Hellenistic skulls and changing the lives of every single famous mythological character (sort of like the Forrest Gump of the ancient world.) When it comes to taking out a demigod, Xena's got the experience.

Peat Ski, repping Wonder Woman, thinks that Xena is more psychotic than Sir Lancelot in Spamalot and will be undone by her moral failings before Wonder Woman even gets a chance to squish her. Pyg, championing Xena, thinks Wonder Woman is nothing but a glorified coffee-fetcher for Athena and will be straightjacketed by her own goody-two-shoes nature. Only one thing is certain - you should give this podcast to your mom instead of some smelly old flowers. It'll last longer and your cat won't try to chew on it.


  1. For the anatomically challenged......both men AND women have 12 sets of ribs.
    I want more ladies kick ass episodes, because if it's not Buffy you guys seems to have blinders on for awesome female characters!

    Keep ululating

  2. We'll try to keep the rib count straight. This is what we get for not paying attention during all those cartoons where the mouse played the cat's skeleton like a xylophone!